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Immerse yourself in a sports derby and experience the rich culture and natural beauty of Qatar as it welcomes you to the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022β„’.

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Although Qatar isn't exactly a football country, you can see that the tournament organisers have tried hard. They created good decoration, built several stadiums especially for the World Cup. Qatar is an interesting country with its own culture and customs. As a result, football fans from all over the world will be able to enjoy their favourite sporting event in an unbelievable atmosphere!

Which teams will qualify for the 2022 World Cup finals?

Group A

  1. 1. Qatar
  2. 2. Ecuador
  3. 3. Senegal
  4. 4. Netherlands

Group A brings together teams from 4 different continents. In the group, a strong Netherlands team stands out right away. Although the team can be unstable, recently they have reached a decent level. The group also includes the strongest African team, Senegal. According to many, it is the main rival of the Netherlands in the group. The host team is a rather weak team in terms of football. However, the factor of hosting the tournament in their home country may change the situation a bit. The last team in the group is Ecuador. Also not the most football-friendly country. However, they will certainly be able to put up a fight against the leaders of the group.

Group B

  1. 1. England
  2. 2. Iran
  3. 3. USA
  4. 4. Wales

The situation in this group reminds a little of the previous one. England are the clear favourites, although the team are having a difficult time at the moment. The USA and Wales will be fighting for second place. Both teams are well-staffed and have a great number of young, talented players, especially the USA. As for Iran, they can't hope to make much of a run for their money, as they are clearly weaker than their rivals.

Group C

  1. 1. Argentina
  2. 2. Saudi Arabia
  3. 3. Mexico
  4. 4. Poland

In Group C, the main favourite, Argentina, also stands out straight away. The team is in good form right now, most of the leaders are in good shape. The battle for second place will be just as tough. The Polish and Mexican teams have a number of quality performers who can also produce results. It is a bit of a stretch to say who could end up in second place, but it will probably be the Mexican team who emerges victorious. The Saudis are unlikely to put up much of a fight against their bigger rivals.

Group D

  1. 1. France
  2. 2. Australia
  3. 3. Denmark
  4. 4. Tunisia

The clear frontrunner France should have no problem advancing from the group. For second place, however, the Danish team is the biggest contender. Tunisia and Australia will wear out the Danes in quality of play. Therefore, the outcome of this group is almost obvious.

Group E

  1. 1. Spain
  2. 2. Costa Rica
  3. 3. Germany
  4. 4. Japan

Also a fairly obvious group. It is clear that the battle for 1st place will be between Spain and Germany. The Japanese team is unlikely to take the second place, however, no one can deny a sensation. The Japanese team is a strong enough team, so we should expect 1-2 strong matches from them. A modest Costa Rican team is unlikely to be able to compete with stronger rivals.

Group F

  1. 1. Belgium
  2. 2. Canada
  3. 3. Morocco
  4. 4. Croatia

This is the first group with the outcome really hard to predict, even the seemingly obvious favorite Belgium is in a mixed bag at the moment. Morocco and Croatia are also in a decent spot, and Canada also have some quality performers.

Group G

  1. 1. Brazil
  2. 2. Serbia
  3. 3. Switzerland
  4. 4. Cameroon

In Group G we should expect a fight for the second place, the first place can already be secured by Brazil, now the team leaders are in great shape, so it is unlikely someone will be able to compete with the team for the 1st place. The second place in the group has someone to fight for, all teams are at about the same level, so this group may be particularly interesting for a neutral fan.

Group H

  1. 1. Portugal
  2. 2. Ghana
  3. 3. Uruguay
  4. 4. South Korea

The latter group is also quite interesting in terms of play. The battle for first place will most likely be fought out between Portugal and Uruguay, while the Korean players could well fight for second place. The Ghanaian team also has a good squad that should be able to put up a good fight against the group leaders.

Stadiums for FIFA World Cup 2022

An interesting thing about World Cup 2022 is that almost all matches will be played in the same city. This is due to the fact that there are a large number of stadiums in the country's capital, Doha. Below we take a look at some of the arenas of the Mundial.

Lusail Sports Arena

Opening year: 2022

Capacity: 80,000 spectators

This arena is considered to be the main stadium of the tournament. The stadium will host 10 games, including the final. The capacity of the stadium is astounding - 80,000 fans is quite a lot, even for European football. Moreover, 80,000 is the official figure, while the actual number of seats may reach up to 92,000. The uniform and design are in a great style. According to the tournament organisers, the stadium will be completely redeveloped after the World Cup.

Al Beit Stadium

Opening year: 2021

Capacity: 60,000 spectators

The second most important stadium in the country is Al Beit. It is in this stadium that the opening match between Ecuador and Qatar will be played. The stadium stands out not only because of its size, but also because of its design. The outside of the stadium looks like a big tent. It also has a retractable roof. After the tournament the stadium is planned to be downsized and given to one of the local teams.

Khalifa International Stadium

Opening year: 1976

Last renovation: 2017

This stadium is one of the few that have not been built specifically for the tournament. However, the stadium underwent a major renovation in 2017. A cooling system was installed in the stadium, the façade and lighting system were renewed. The World Cup is not the first sporting event to take place in this stadium. In 2019, Khalifa International hosted the 2019 Athletics World Cup as well as the 2019 Asian Football Cup and the 2019 Club World Cup matches. After the tournament, the stadium will remain the country's main arena.

Al Tumama Stadium

Opening year: 2021

Capacity: 40,000 spectators

"Al Toumama is also one of the stadiums built especially for the World Cup. Its design somewhat resembles that of the gafia, the headwear worn by men in the Middle East. After the World Cup the stadium is to be halved. "Al Toumama will become a multifunctional stadium, not just a football stadium.

The remaining stadiums are not much different in size from those listed above. The pity is that most of these stadiums will not retain their appearance and will be turned into the next shopping malls.

Symbols of the 2022 FIFA World Cup

The emblem for the tournament is a small white ring, twisted into a figure of eight. Why the number 8? It refers to the number of stadiums where the tournament will take place. It's also a symbol of infinity. The logo of the tournament also shows the impact the tournament will have on the life of the people in the region, as the organizers said. It can also be assumed that the shape of the logo has something to do with the tournament trophy.

Official ball of the 2022 World Cup

Al Rihla is the official name of the ball at the tournament, and means travel in Arabic. The ball is designed by Adidas. As Adidas themselves have specified, the ball is the fastest and most accurate to date. Such a result has been achieved by using the latest CTR-Core technology.

Mascot of World Cup 2022

The mascot for the tournament is a magic carpet named Laib. The word Laib is translated as a very good player. It also resembles a traditional headdress in Arab countries, the kufiyeh. According to the creators, Laim comes from a parallel universe of mastoks that cannot be described. His image is cheerful and curious.

World Cup Anthem 2022

The official anthem of the 2022 World Cup can be heard during the draw, which was held a few months ago in the capital city of Qatar. The anthem is called Hayya Hayya (Better Together) and is performed by American singer Trinidad Cardona, Afrobeat star David and Qatari singer Aisha. The essence of the song is to show the fusion of American, African and Middle Eastern voices. Such an idea shows how music and football can unite the world.